The company was founded in 1994 by Viktor Bizant, based on an idea and an increasing demand for such services. Our core business includes the installation of high and low voltage equipment, and the production of cabinets – for protection, control, metering and own use. Furthermore, we implement all sorts of grounding solutions, produce medium voltage cable terminators and electrical installations and perform electrical installation measurements.

The company maintains good business relations with its customers and suppliers, as we cooperate with numerous renowned companies in the field of power industry.

The quality level of our services and products must meet the expectations of our customers and exceed our competitors’ offers. Therefore, we have made numerous investments into our equipment, state of the art tools and education. We come to the realization that our company must employ highly skilled personnel.

In 2004 we founded a limited liability company. In 2005 we established a quality management system, in accordance with the requirements of the international standard SIST ISO 9001:2008, and significantly improved it with our rules of procedure.

Environmental protection is responsibility and a part of everyday life of the Kolektor group employees at all levels and in all fields of operation. It constitutes an important part of social responsibility and partnership relations with local public and public at large. Read more>>

Our company currently employs a team of highly skilled engineers, technicians and electrical technicians. Our company’s vision and goals are to maintain the high quality level of all services and have a well-educated and highly trained personnel.

We have successfully completed many projects, as is demonstrated by our numerous received endorsements.

Director: Klemen Bizant


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